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16 Wonderful Things To Do With All Your New Found Free Time

*for after exams.

*and we aren’t just talking about Netflix

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10 Things First Year Taught You

1. Budgeting is hard

1. budget

No matter how much you try to limit your spending, saving money for rainy day is easier said than done. Especially when the top you like is now reduced, it would be rude not to try it on…

2. Procrastination is the strongest force on Earth

2. procrastination

You know your essay is due tomorrow. You know it won’t write itself. You also know that the Come Dine With Me omnibus starts at 1pm and it isn’t a repeat!!

3. You can write 2,000 words in one evening

3. essay

After the umpteenth episode of Come Dine With Me, you realise you should probably of started your essay this morning, and so have to endure an all nighter to hit your 5,000 word count. (Oh joy!)

4. You can still function after 1 hours sleep

4. 1 hour sleep

Your function rate is probably not top form, however you can still make your way to the 9am lecture and put sentences together. Whether people understand them or not is their problem.

5. Group projects are evil

7. group

Need we say more?

6. Harvard referencing makes no sense

9. harvard

Harvard referencing has to be one of the most complicated procedures ever, and yet it is so important! Why does it have to be so hard but so important!

7. Cereal doesn’t get enough credit

10. cereal

Cereal is a wonderful snack and can satisfy not only in the morning, but noon and night. Although, you should probably eat some fruit and veg too. Anyone ever thought of broccoli muesli? No? Probably for a good reason.

8. You can get ready in 10 minutes

14. ready

And still look fabulous!

9. Daily choices are confusing

11. choose

The constant choice between studying, socialising and sleeping leaves you puzzled. And why is it you can only have two out of the three on a single day?

10. Good mates stay in contact

12. mates

You have probably made some of the best mates you will ever have in your life, so make sure you keep in touch with them this summer because your second year will start sooner than you think!

More Realistic Motivational Posters for Exams

Exam season has hit and already your insta feed is clogging up with inspirational quotes about striving and success. Good job they’re all super accurate descriptions of how exams work…


Not when you’ve got exams.


I wish I revised more. I will regret this tomorrow in my exam.


Ok, that’s just rude…

We were tired of seeing the same old quotes everywhere about exams… so we decided to make our own, more realistic ‘inspirational’ messages about the exam season….

pablo (22)

pablo (5)pablo (20)pablo (17)pablo (16)pablo (15)pablo (13)pablo (11)pablo (10)pablo (9)pablo (6)pablo (2)

pablo (12)

A Little Exam Motivation (YOU GOT THIS!)

It’s the middle of the exam semester and you’re probably starting to feel a little fed up?

giphy (2)1

Or frustrated … I mean, why is the weather actually nice for once, couldn’t it have waited a couple of weeks!?giphy (3)

Your mind is starting to feel like it might explode from all the information it’s having to remember.

giphy (5)

And you begin to wonder if it will ever end…


BUT IT WILL!! And you should remind yourself that this isn’t forever (cue feeling of over-excitement).

giphy (4)

And you’re doing a great job!

giphy (6)

No really, you should give yourself a little more credit.

giphy (7)


giphy (8)

So relax, you’ve done the hard part. This is what you have been preparing for all year!

giphy (10)

So good luck and keep going!

giphy (11)




49 Thoughts Everyone Has Before An Exam

  1. Morning exams are the WORSTZ0Qy5pH

  2. Wait, it is definitely a morning exam right?giphy

  3. Did I get the date right? Is my exam definitely, definitely tomorrow in the morning? It wasn’t today was it?!shocked

  4. WAS IT TODAY!?Johnny-Depp-panics

  5. OK. Phew.jake

  6. Wait. Where is it again?wait

  7. OK. Phew.worried

  8. Urgh, morning exams are the WORST.eye roll and then exhale done with this

  9. I’m going to set my alarm really early so I can revise before the examGIF-bummed-disappointed-figures-nod-satisfied-yep-GIF

  10. Time for a great night’s sleep!great night sleep

  11. …..Why am I still awakewide-eyes_zps70f72a40

  12. I’m sitting my exam in under 10 hours I really need to sleepgiphy (1)

  13. 9 hourswhy am i still awake

  14. 8 hours…alarm_clock

  15. *Alarm goes off* Just five more minutes…alarm

  16. Great, slept through my revision time.large

  17. It was probably optimistic anywayAnnoyed_sigh

  18. I should leave early so I’m not late. What happens if I’m late? Will I not be able to sit the exam?anigif_enhanced-buzz-5356-1374206043-261

  19. Maybe there will be some reason why the exam is called offtumblr_mzcrm4dHWv1qak3qto1_500

  20. *Googles reasons why exams can be called off*Typing

  21. Hmmm… seems a bit extreme…extreme

  22. I wish I’d revised moreI-wish-I-couldnt-feel-sml_zpsb910da88

  23. Honestly, next time, I’m going to revise at least 200% moreTyra-Banks-About-To-Cry-MRW-Gif

  24. At least we’re all in this togethergrouo

  25. *Listening to friends discussing potential topics* I really hope that doesn’t come uptumblr_lsmig8GHjf1r4nlgao1_500

  26. Or thatgiphy (2)

  27. OR THAT. I KNOW NOTHING. HELP ME.I really hope these don't come up

  28. Wow this exam hall is a silent and oppressive environment.10-looking-around-suspicious

  29. Did I switch my phone off?did i switch my phone off

  30. The bit right before an exam is THE WORST.giphy (3)

  31. Do I have enough pens?pens

  32. Where is the clockclock

  33. Do all my pens WORK?! *furious scribbling*Ahhhh

  34. How has it only been three minutes since I sat down please can we just start already I CAN’T TAKE THIS TENSION ANYMORE.

    *Tucks finger under corner of exam paper to maximise time efficiency*

    do i have enough pens



  37. Urhgaksjdsjaaxxhjianidxrs_500x282-140909153900-tumblr_inline_n0il15iZlf1s3bdru

  38. ahdisaodknsalxkjsidahdoatumblr_mahgjhZzOb1qih9gi

  39. Why does the person next to me keep asking for paper? Am I not writing enough? Have I got something wrong?tumblr_lp63n9j0381qdeq5f

  40. Am I going too slowly?tumblr_inline_ndjvjwFyrK1rxoktf

  41. Am I going too quickly?Spongebob-panics


  43. My wrists really hurttumblr_l8m2h5HAyI1qze93mo1_500

  44. Am I running out of time?panic-gif

  45. Owww crampouch

  46. Will this squishy pen dent in my finger ever go, or will it be there forever now? A symbol of my suffering?cory-montieth-pensive-gif

  47. *After exam* Please don’t tell me what you wrote… I reaaalllyyy don’t want to know.dont talk to me

  48. AND I HAVE MORE OF THESE TO COME.james-franco-realization

  49. URGH, I hate exams.more of these to come

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7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sleep

It’s assessment time which means your probably spending the majority of your day buried under books and cramming in the revision so you can ace those exams! That’s great (YOU GO FOR IT!) but you also need to make sure you sleep.

Sleep is pretty important and ideally we should get 7-8 hours a night. But falling asleep can be quite difficult, especially at times when your feeling stressed and under pressure, so take a look at our tips to help you get a good night rest!

1. Drink some milk


It’s not just something your mum tells you! Drinking a glass of milk (especially if it’s warm) can help you fall asleep as it’s high in the amino acid tryptophan, which can help the brain to produce sleep inducing chemicals. (All sounds very scientific! Basically, it just makes you want to snuggle up under the duvet!)

2. Listen to music

2. music

Listening to music can help you relax and ‘let go’ of your daily troubles, depending on what you put on of course! Try something calming, possibly without lyrics to avoid getting the song stuck in your head, or you might end up singing along to it.

3. Exercise

3. exercise

Exercise may not be at the top of your list right now, but it could help you to fall asleep on an evening by tiring you out. (Not that you could be any more tired… right?!)

4. Avoid distractions

4. music(2)

Turning off all electrical devices (or at least putting them on silent) will help if you are easily distracted. You don’t need to check up on the latest celebrity scandal or social media meme, it will all still be there in the morning!

5. No napping napping

Taking a break from your revision can really help you process the information, but try not to nap during this time as it can make it harder to sleep at night. Instead, why don’t you cook a healthy meal or go for a walk.

6. Have a bath


Having a bath can also help you relax and unwind as the hot water helps your muscles to release the tension you build up during the day. Try to put on some candles and soft music to take your mind off of revising.

7. Read a book

And if all that fails and you still can’t fall asleep, try reading a book (and not your revision book!) Preferably something fictional to take your mind off facts and figures and theories. This should tire your eyes and brain to help you fall into a lovely sleep… until you wake up tomorrow and have to do it all over again!

Good luck with your exams!

The 26 Stages of Revision*

1. You think about the fact you should probably start revising soon


2. But then you think ‘nah’ and procrastinate for an hour (or four) instead


3. But it creeps back up on you


4. So you decide to sit down and maybe do some planning


5. 3 1/2 hours later you have a masterpiece of a revision timetable. A true, colour-coded work of art. I mean, it could probably go into the Tate. Or at least the Tate Modern


6. But still no revision

maxresdefault (1)

7. OK, you think. I’ll make a start on one of the modules. Maybe an easy one. Revision is fine, I can totally do this


8. Five minutes into said revision you remember why you’ve been putting this off for so long


9. But YOU CAN DO THIS. So you buckle down, get stuck in and start going over your lecture notes, jotting stuff down. Before you know it, YOU’RE ON FIRE


10. You mentally congratulate yourself for being so studious and awesome


11. After what feels like YEARS of hard toil, you decide to take a break

mr-beans-holiday (1)

12. And then you look at your watch


13. And realise you’ve only been studying for half an hour


14. You decide to switch it up and download a past paper. Great idea, right?


15. Wrong. Bad idea. Horrible idea. What even IS THIS!?


16. You see things you don’t understand


17. And things you’re 99.9% sure haven’t been taught (cue frantic WhatsApp messages)


18. You begin worrying about revision all over again, and then worrying about worrying about it, until you worry you’re going a bit mad


19. And you get to the point where you just wanna shout OK I GIVE UP ALREADY



20. But you’re awesome, so you keep at it, even when you’re knackered


21. And you have to hold your eyelids open


22. Even when it’s sunny outside and the last thing you want to do is bury your head in books

images (1)

23. EVEN when you have to bully  yourself into it


24. Because despite all the ‘WHAT DOES THIS MEAN’ moments


25. There are also those EUREKA moments when it all becomes clear and you finally feel like you GET it. Like, REALLY get it. And those are amazing


26. So KEEP GOING! You got this.

Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean





Recipes: Leftover Chicken

Cooking with leftover chicken not only reduces food wastage, but it can be a great way to eat healthily and on a budget. You can usually buy a whole chicken for less than £5 from most supermarkets, and if you plan your meals it could be enough to feed you for the whole week! Here are some great recipes which will make sure you get the most out of your leftover chicken:

Chicken Club Sandwich


It comes as no surprise that taking a packed lunch to uni can help reduce your food costs and what better thing to take than a chicken sandwich! Why not add some bacon to give it some extra flavour. Here is a recipe from Tesco Real Food.

Chicken Stir-Fry


A stir-fry is a really quick and easy dish to make. By using left over chicken, you can make a filling and healthy meal in under 10 minutes! Try this recipe from Good to Know.

Honey Mustard Chicken Pasta


Pasta is another cheap meal to cook. With the average 500g bag costing around 60p and the use your left over chicken, you can easily create a flavoursome and filling meal. Try making your own sauce with this recipe from Good Food.

Speedy Chicken & Vegetable Pot Pie


There is nothing more satisfying than a delicious and warming pie on a rainy April evening and this recipe from The Hairy Bikers will do just that but in half the time and money … you guessed it, it’s with leftover chicken!

Chicken Quesadilla


This recipe from My Recipes only uses 4 ingredients and could be a really quick and tasty snack. It’s so simple, you could try and make mini Quesadilla’s for you and your friends at a party!

How do you use your leftover chicken? Comment below!

Make your own Easter Egg!

Easter is a great excuse to eat as much chocolate as possible. Whether you hunt for your eggs or buy them from a store, making your own is a great way to get creative in the kitchen! Here are some great recipes to try:


Recipe from Good To Know 


Recipe from BBC Good Food

Recipe from The Telegraph


Recipe from Netmums


Recipe from the Independent

Happy Easter everyone!


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